About Us

Wallace Law Firm, P.C.

Founded in 1994. Focused on estate planning, elder law, business planning and real estate since 1999. We are one of the few law firms in St. Clair and Sanilac counties dedicated solely to estate planning and elder law, and we are one of the very few full-time estate planning and elder law attorneys in St. Clair and Sanilac counties. We are exclusively an estate planning and elder law attorney, not an attorney who do estate planning and elder law among other things. We are not generalists; we have a very focused practice.

Happy Law®

We practice what we call Happy Law®. Our clients are generally happier after consulting with us, than they were before they came in. Even after a death or disability, they are comforted knowing that matters will be handled properly and promptly.

Our goal is that you too, will be happier after consulting with us than before you came in. We will accomplish this by designing a plan that addresses your hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations for both you and your loved ones.

We have the privilege of practicing Happy Law® for happy people. Most of our clients who consult with us are doing so because they care about themselves and their loved ones. These clients want to continue to provide for their loved ones after the clients’ mental disability or death.

Most of our clients are referred to us by other clients, professional advisors and others who were happier from having consulted with us.

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