Our Team


Amanda is our Client Services Coordinator. Amanda will likely be the team member who you will speak with first when calling or visiting us. If you have any questions and you are not sure who to talk to, Amanda will be happy to help.


Krystal is our Funding Coordinator. Krystal is the Team Member responsible for assisting with the funding of all of our fully funded trust based estate plans.


Michelle is our Legal Services Assistant. Michelle is a Team Member who works closely with both the attorneys and clients in the preparation and assembly of estate planning and other legal documents.


Kathy is our Office Assistant. If you ever have a question about your billing from our firm, Kathy would be the first person that you would call.


Lori is our Office Assistant. Lori is the Team Member who handles our administrative functions such as accounting and general day-to-day office duties that keep the office running smoothly for our clients.


Gwen is one of our team members assisting us with analyzing and digitizing our files. Gwen is a recent graduate of Port Huron High School and is currently attending St. Clair County Community College.

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