Business Planning & Real Estate

We are estate planning and elder law attorneys. We must be proficient in business planning and real estate as well because our clients own businesses and real estate.

Business Planning Counselling

As part of our business planning practice, we assist our clients in the formation and dissolution of a variety of business entities, including limited liability companies, partnerships, C-corporations and S-corporations. We also counsel and assist our clients in the sale of all or part of their businesses or the purchase of an existing business.

Business Exit Strategies & Succession Plans

If a client has a business, we counsel them about business exit strategies. Business succession plans are a necessity for business owners to ensure that they are provided for during retirement or disability and that their loved ones and/or business partners are taken care of after they are gone. We design, draft and implement a variety of business succession plans including buy/sell agreements, redemption agreements, gifting programs and installment sales agreements.

Real Estate

We assist clients achieve their goals and objectives regarding their real estate. We structure their real estate transactions and the ownership of their real estate in the most advantageous way for them from a business, tax and family standpoint.

As part of counselling our clients, we draft or review a variety of residential, commercial and industrial real estate documents, including real estate purchase agreements, lease agreements, options to purchase, build-to-suit agreements, real estate holding company organizational documents and condominium association formation documents.