IRAs & Beneficiaries

Most people name individuals as direct beneficiaries of their IRAs or other retirement plans. However, by naming a qualified trust as a beneficiary, your heirs could not only save taxes, but also have creditor and other protections. Qualified trusts are …

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Medicaid Eligibility-Top 8 Mistakes

1. Thinking it’s too late to plan.

 It’s almost never too late to take planning steps, even after a senior has moved to a nursing home. 2. Giving away assets too early.

 First, it’s your money (or your house, or …

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Is Equal Fair

Most parents want to treat their children fairly in giving lifetime gifts or a share of the parents’ estate. Many children believe that they are “entitled” to equal lifetime gifts and equal shares of their parent’s estates. However in this …

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Disability and Financial Powers of Attorney

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your real estate, bank accounts, investments and other property (your “stuff”) if you could not take care of them because of incapacity due to an accident, illness or injury? How would …

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